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Japanese Style Green Tea Mochi

Looking for a delicious, cleansing and refreshing green tea cake? Look no further than our Japanese Style Mochi rice cake! Made with a variety of flavorful teas, this cake is fantastic for the sweet tooth or the cold drink, 15 flavors of Japanese Style Mochi rice cake make it a fantastic alternative for any occasion.

Yuki And Love Green Tea Mochi

This and enjoy green tea Mochi is a delicious and warm tea! The green tea is used to add a new flavor to the Mochi and the taro is used to add a touch of sweetness, the mixed flavors are serve cold or enjoy using after the mochi? The green tea Mochi caffeine is off the chart! This is an iced tea with green tea flavor and a bit of a flavor to it. The drink is sure to get you started in the morning, this delicious Mochi is excellent for a summery meal, with a dollop of sweet soy sauce and a touch of chili pepper on top. The green tea added to the taro is refreshing and added value, while the red beans give a nice, crisp texture and color, a simple miso sauce gives this dish all the flavors together, making it a delicious and savory way to go out to eat. The Mochi is manufactured of rice and there are green tea extract and peanut butter in it, it is a delicious and unique drink that will make you want to drink it all himself.