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Bigelow Green Tea Chai

Is a brand that is known for their quality, features an 40-ct, bag of decaffeinated organic green tea, and price. The bag is worth when compared to other brands because of the low price and the quality of the tea.

Bigelow Green Tea Chai Ebay

This green tea Chai mix is a must-have for any Chai lover! This set comes with 6 decaffeinated teas, each of which renders an unique flavor to make your Chai experience extra special, this set also includes an 20 count box pack of 6 teas, which makes it facile to have plenty of fun with! The green tea Chai is a refreshing drink that will give you the energy you need to push through the day. This 6 flavor variety pack tea bag set is top-rated for on-the-go drinks or a quick snack, the bag also comes with a box set of 6 Chai tea bags. This set provides you with 18 tea bags, which is enough for a full body feel and mouth feel, the Chai is fabricated with natural chia seeds and is light and refreshing. This set is a first-class substitute to get your daily dose of chia and tea goodness, the classic green tea bags 40-count boxes pack of 6 caffeinated green tea are peerless surrogate to enjoy a cup of Chai during the day. This set includes a green tea bag and an 6-count box of classic green tea bags, the classic green tea bags are valuable surrogate to enjoy a cup of Chai and keep you close to your heart. It is first-rate for on-the-go or a slow tea time, the Chai flavor is not too strong, but is a good step up from your average chai. This Chai mix is in like manner decaffeinated, so your tea would be much easier to steep and would be healthier too.